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Moral story for kids in English

Scene: Outdoor Location

Jack: Garry, see how beautiful this flower is, and how pleasant its fragrance is.
Garry: Yup true, this place is so beautiful, i love playing here. It would be so great, if we also have the same park with lots of fruits in it.
Jack (Deep in thoughts): And, with lots of beautiful flowers and butterflies.
Jack: But Garry, parks are not natural; they are supposed to be built. Can we also build a park in front of our home?
Garry: How would we build a park?
Jack: So what should we do?
Garry: We must speak to Casper; he will build a park for us.
Jack: Let’s go to Casper then.

Location Change

Jack: Casper…
Casper: Whoa my friends, Jack and Garry, where were you guys?
Jack: Casper, we want to build a park.
(Casper jumped from tree with an excitement and stand with Garry and Casper)
Casper: Wow my friends, Park, it is a great idea, but do remember to plant a banana and Guava tree in that Park. And surely, take care of flowers as well because, it’s my biggest wish to eat fruits of my choice in beautiful and aromatic environment.
(Jack, Garry silently listens to Casper and then look towards each other)
Casper, we want you to make park for us, how could we build a park?
Casper: But my friends, how would even i built a park, i can jump on trees but that doesn’t mean that I can plant a tree.

Jenny enters

Jenny- Surely you can make, if we all work together like a group of beautiful birds, who altogether accomplished an impossible task, just being in unity.
(All turns back to see Jenny)
Jack: which beautiful white birds?
Jenny: Would you like to hear the story of those beautiful white birds?
Casper: Yes, why not, we surely want to hear my friend Jenny.
Jenny: Come sit together, i will narrate you a most lovely story.

Voice Over:

It was a beautiful flock of white birds, who along with their King, used to go far from their houses in search of food, and after having something to eat; they return back to their homes in the evening. Their King was very kind and lovely, who always take care of his all birds. As usual, again in search of food, the flock of birds flew high from village to village, mountains to mountains for food. While flying for so long, their wings started paining and even they don’t found any food. And Suddenly,

Garry (with wide open eyes): And suddenly??
Jenny: Then, one beautiful white little bird saw some food lying under the tree.
Little Bird: Look, i think there is some food under that tree, we must go there.
King: No, we should not go there, this is strange place to us, and we are not familiar to this place.
Second Little Bird: Dear King, we are very tired now, we can’t fly more, let’s go there.
Jenny: And all the flock of white birds landed under the tree in that strange place.
Second Little Bird: Wow, this food looks so delicious, come on let’s fill our tummy.
King: Yes, but be careful, don’t forget this is strange place for us.
Jenny: And all the birds start eating the food, because they all were very hungry since morning.
Jack: What happened next did all that birds went back to their homes after eating?
Jenny: No Jack, things are not are not like they appear to be, and then there comes a dangerous turning point of the story.
Casper: Turning point? Which dangerous turning point?

Jenny: As they all were relaxing their hunger, suddenly a net trap fall onto them, and they all get trapped.
Little Bird: Oh! What is this?
King: We are fooled, we are in trouble, i told you not to land in this strange place.
Little Bird: I am sorry King
King: That’s okay my child.
Second Bird: So, now we won’t be able to get out of his trap?
King: We will surely get out of this trouble, if we altogether tackle this with courage.
Second Bird: So, what do we have to do?
King: All of you just spread wide to cover this whole net, we all have to fly together and make this trap also fly with us. Remember Unity is strength, so as i finish counting, we must fly altogether.

One Two Three…

Voice Over:

And in a second of their unity work, they flew high in the sky along with the net. And the hunter left gazing them unconsciously, because he had never seen this kind of scene ever before, which that flocks of bird did with their unity.
Jack, Garry and Casper says WOW

Jack: what they did next?
Jenny: Then King and his flock of birds went to his friend Mouse, who lived nearby to hills.
Mouse: What has happened to you King?
King: We have been cheated, can you please cut this net?
Mouse: Yes, I will cut this net with my sharp teeth and make you free from this trap.
King: No, make my companions relieve first then me.
Mouse: As you order my King.

Voice Over:

And then mouse start cutting the net with his sharp and pointed teeth. The beautiful birds are free once again; they all thanked the mouse and flew high to go back to their homes,

Jenny: So, have you wondered how powerful Unity is. If we work together, then no one can defeat us.
And making a park is a very good idea. I will also help you in this.
Casper: We will make Jenny the king of our park, like the king of those beautiful white flocks of birds.
Everybody laughs….

Moral: If we are in Unity, then success is for sure.
Unity can defeat the big troubles.


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